Pet Restraints


Seatbelt Solutions suggests one  of  the  most important reasons  for restraining your pet is because it affects not just your vehicle’s occupants, but potentially many others. Pets and animals are the 3rd worst in distracting drivers. Prevent injury and the loss of lives of yourself and your family. In an accident, a pet or animal can be thrown with hundreds or even thousands of pounds of force into other occupants of the vehicle, easily causing life threatening injuries. A good pet  restraint system from Seatbelt Solutions can help minimise this danger.

Below is from the Land and Transport NZ:

“The chain or lead should be short enough to prevent the animal’s legs from reaching over the
sides of the vehicle, but long enough to allow the animal to stand, lie down and move about
slightly. Animals should be protected from extreme weather conditions.
If large animals are carried in the passenger compartment, a proprietary harness fitted to the seatbelts should restrain them.”